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Tom Fort offers many of his beautiful paintigs as Limited Edition Prints.  Below you will find a listing of the prints that are available.  For interest in purchasing a print, contact the artist via the methods at the top of the screen.   


Limited Edition - Slices of Texas

Giclee Print on Paper

Sizes:  20 x 20    $175

           32 x 32    $295

Custom Sizes Available on Request


Tom has captured many of the timeless icons of the great state of Texas and creatively painted them on a vintage land map from 1959.  This piece features some of the natural beauty and history and of the state and places them in geographically appropriate locations.  Enjoy this piece while your eyes wander from Big Tex to the Alamo to a plate of BBQ and everything in between.  This painting is packed with interest and gives the viewer a feel for the variety, beauty, history and flavor that makes Texas such a great state

This print is one of Tom's most popular pieces.   





Limited Edition - Y.O. Ranch
Era, TX

Giclee Print on Canvas

Sizes:  24 x 36    $295

Custom Sizes Available on Request


While wandering around a friend's ranch in Era, Texas  with a camera one afternoon, Tom stumbled across this interesting old truck.  A few snaps of the camera and a week later, this painting was born.  This piece has been very popular with collectors.  Some like the "time capsule" nature of the piece, others like the monochromatic colors.  Some buy it to go with a rustic decor while others have bought it to give stark contrast to a very modern space. 



fly fishing,art,painting,print

Limited Edition - Autumn Anglers

Giclee Print on Canvas

Sizes:  18 x 24   $195

            24 x 36   $275

Custom Sizes Available on Request


This image is full of color and detail.  Blues, oranges, browns, green all come together to make a wonderful setting depicting two fly fisherman enjoying a fall afternoon on the water.  The original photo was taken by Tom's friend and photographer Terry Porter who was kind enough to allow him to paint the image.  




Limited Edition - Green Frog Cafe
Gordonville, Texas

Giclee Print on Canvas

Sizes:  16 x 20   $150

           24 x 30    $250

Custom Sizes Available on Request


Out on a picture taking mission one day, Tom stumbled across an old gas station in the small town of Gordonville, Texas.  He asked if these gentlemen would mind if he took their picture.  After hearing an approving grunt, Tom snapped a few shots.  The Green Frog Cafe is the painting that resulted.  The name comes from the Guy Clark song "Desperados Waiting for a Train" as the song reminded Tom so much of the lyrics. 




Limited Edition - Santa

Giclee Print on Canvas

Sizes:  16 x 20   $125

           24 x 30    $200

Custom Sizes Available on Request

This portrait of Santa warms up any home for the holidays.  Tom's collectors love this piece because it isn't the normal cartoon type santa you see.  Tom tells everyone thats because "this is the real santa".

Tom will custom print Santa in any size a collector desires.  He has even printed it in very large scale and one hangs over his own fireplace at home.




art,horse racing,painting,print

Limited Edition - Sure Thing

Giclee Print on Canvas

Sizes:  24 x 36   $250

Custom Sizes Available on Request


Sure Thing is an exciting image for any horse racing fan.  The light, mud, intenisty, muscle, contrast, balance and detail come together to make a great piece of art.   



art,horse racing,painting,churchill

Limited Edition - Chasing 8
Churchill Downs

Giclee Print on Canvas

Sizes:  24 x 36   $250

Custom Sizes Available on Request


You can almost hear the thunderous sound of the horses hooves as they race by in this spectacular print featuring the iconic Churchill Downs.