T  O  M   F  O  R  T
A  R  T  I  S  T
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Portraits are the most personal of all art.  They record a moment in time or a special person in our life.  Portraits are cherished and passed down in families for generations.  Imagine a portrait of your great grandparent and how much you would appreciate owning and displaying a painting that perfectly captured that moment in their life.  

Tom Fort wants to provide you with a priceless piece of art that will do just that for your family for generations. 


Tom creates portraits in both paint and charcoal as you will see above.  Painted portraits always make a great statement but charocoal portraits are also an excellent option for any budget.  See the COMMISSIONS tab above for info about creating your own portait. 

Tom has done portraits of CEO's of Fortune 500 companies, judges, athletes, families, kids, grandparents and even pets.  Be it paint or charcoal, Tom will create a wonderful piece from the photo references you provide.  Tom uses only achival quality materials so that you can expect your art to last.  Tom will create a beautiful piece of art with a perfect likeness that will become an heirloom in your family for years to come.